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Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment: Questionnaires

Questionnaires to learners, and employers if relevant, can be useful sources for obtaining information about the learners’ perceptions of facilitation methods, content, assessments, achievement of their objectives, and general satisfaction with a program.

Questions could cover:

* the content and how it was organised
* mode/s of delivery used
* teaching/learning methods used
* time allocation
* assessment
* workload
* role of the Workplace Training and Assessment Facilitator
* learner’s objectives and whether achieved
* difficulty of the course
* • experience of the course.

Closed questions

Your questions can be closed, such as:

* The topic on XYZ was easy to understand.


* There were enough opportunities for discussion by learners.

Open questions

Questions could also be open-ended, which produces a qualitative richness of comment, but the data can be more difficult to collate and quantify, for example:

* Would you recommend this program/course to others? Give reasons why or why not.
* How would you describe this course to a prospective student?
* Name the five best points and the five worst points about this program.

How could the negative aspects be improved?
TAA40104 / TED40110 Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment Activity: Questionnaire design

Design and implement a questionnaire for learners to evaluate a program in your TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment practice environment. Collate the results and develop an action plan for improvement strategies.
Interviews and group discussions

These could be conducted with learners getting into groups to discuss some specific questions, such as the open-ended questions you may have developed for a questionnaire.


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